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The most common questions I am asked about our home based business are the following:

  1. Is It Real?
    Yes it is real. This business has been in operation since 1998 and is rated with the Better Business Bureau. There are over 1.5 million affiliates members. I have been with SFI since 2006 and if it was not legal and legitimate I would certainly not be involved.

  2. Can I do this?
    Yes you can do this. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced online marketer you can create a profitable online business. All of the training and tools are provided and as your sponsor you can draw from my online marketing experience and that of many other SFI affiliates.

  3. Can I earn an income?
    Yes you can earn an income. Millions of dollars in commissions have been paid out to affiliates.There is no reason why you should not share in these commissions.

  4. Is it a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme or a 'Scam'?
    No this is not a get rich quick scheme, not is it a scam. This is a legitimate business and you will be required to put some effort into your business if you want to make a profit. Everyone who works their business earns an income.

  5. Can I quit at any time?
    You are under no obligation to continue if you feel that this is not for you. If you do think about quitting keep in mind WHY you joined in the first place. Quitters never win and Winners never quit.

  6. Do I need to buy anything?
    You do not have to buy anything. It is possible to earn an income without investing any funds in your business. Like any business it will make it easier to earn an income if you can invest something back into your business. As your business grows it will become self-funding and you will take away a profit.

  7. Do I need to sponsor others to make an income?
    No you do not have to sponsor others. Although sponsoring others will earn you larger, recurring commissions there are other ways to earn an income from your SFI business.

You will have more questions but before we can answer them we need to know more about you and your needs. If you are not already an SFI Affiliate please sign up below and complete your affiliate profile.

Legitimate Home Based Business



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