My name is Michael Burgess and my close friends and associates call me Mike. I am an Australian living in Lincolnshire, UK. I have been a Team Leader at SFI (Strong Future International) since 2006.

You are invited to join FOR FREE our successful home based business team and with our help you can be earning an online income from your own home.

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When You are Ready

When you choose to join a reliable, time-tested and proven home based business, with all the tools, the training and personal assistance to help build your online income please read below. 

Would you like to:

  • Earn an online income from your own home for your own benefit or, work for your boss and their benefit?

  • Secure a second income that will allow you to retire comfortably or, retire on half of what you live on today?

  • Ensure that you have enough income to cover your needs if you are made redundant or the business you work for closes down?

  • Stop struggling to make ends meet each month and improve both your income and your own business knowledge?

  • Start earning an online income from your own home without risking your current income or finances?

  • Change your life and attain the freedom to choose how, when and where you spend your time?

  • Be interested if you were offered all of the training, tools and personal support to create a profitable home based business for FREE?


I am offering you all of the above RIGHT NOW!

Absolutely FREE, NO obligation and NO Pressure to get started with SFI and I will provide you with my PERSONAL SUPPORT to build your very own profit making, fun business!

Would That Be OK with YOU?

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Not sure? See what others who have already joined us are saying


YOU make the CHOICE to improve YOUR life, YOUR security and YOUR income.


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