The Network Home Business (NHB) sponsorship coop is run twice each month. The aim of the coop is to help my team members and their downlines to build their SFI businesses through sponsorship of new Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs). All new affiliates are added directly to your downline, they are not reassignments from my own downline.

All funds received from members are used for advertising purposes and I do not gain any financial advantage. I pay for my own coop shares just like you do.

Before purchasing please note that there are no refunds available. Nor can I guarantee a defined number of new affiliates for your team or if they will become active.

If you are looking for a guaranteed number of new affiliates you may wish to purchase directly from Tripleclicks. Proprofit - Global Marketing Services have always been my choice of provider for sponsorhip services through Tripleclicks but, I do not believe in putting all my eggs in the one basket and have personally found that advertising on a wider scale provides more chances of finding the people who are going to work their SFI business and become valuable to your own business.

If you prefer to manage your own sponsorship advertising you will find the same resources I use for the coops on the advertising resources page.

Price and Keycode Tracking

Each share in the coop is priced at US$30.00 and you can pay securely through PayPal using your credit card or PayPal balance. This is not a monthly subscription but a once off payment. You can purchase shares at any time you choose by visiting this page and paying via the PayPal button below.

After you place your order you will be allocated a share in the next coop that is set to run. The Keycode (tracking code) for each monthly coop will be '102020' or '102021'. This Keycode will be seen on your new PSA's affiliate profile.

Follow Up!

When your new PSA joins your team be sure to introduce yourself and offer your assistance. Be sure to have your new affiliate greeting setup within your SFI account and send a personal welcome email using the affiliate profile message system.

This ensures that your new team member knows you are there to help them get started with their SFI business.

To buy one or more shares in the NHB Monthly Coop please provide your details below and complete your purchase through PayPal. This is a ONE TIME payment, not a monthly SUBSCRIPTION.

Full Name


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer any questions.

To Your Success
Michael Burgess
SFI Team Leader
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