SFI Profit Building

Building your SFI income requires more than just accumulating Versapoints (VP) each month. VP are important to your ranking and to your income. Without them you are not going to earn the extra income from the Tripleclicks Executive Shares (for Bronze Team Leaders and above) and you will not qualify for Executive Affiliate (EA) each month.

But to truly build your SFI commissions you need to be sponsoring affiliates, introducing new Ecommerce Associates (ECAs) and Personally Referred Members (PRMs) or Tripleclicks customers as they commonly known. You should also be promoting the products on TripleClicks including the Pricebender Auctions.

To create and increase your SFI profits you need to build onto your business. This section covers methods and advice for sponsoring of SFI Affiliates, Ecommerce Associates and referring Tripleclicks customers.

Your comments, criticisms and observations are welcome.

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All of the tools and training are provided for you to increase your SFI income through sponsoring and introducing. What you may be lacking is 'A Plan'. When you have a plan you are more likely to take action. Especially if you commit yourself to it financially.

It is understood that not everyone has the funds to commit financially when they first start out with their SFI business. If this is the case your should find as many ways as possible to promote without needing funds. This can be advertising on free classified sites,ad exchanges and directories that do not charge you. You will in time, generate enough income to reinvest in your business to further grow your commissions.

For those that have the funds to invest, you have a head-start. This does not mean that you will grow your commissions substantially by 'buying affiliates' and purchasing from Tripleclicks. You also need to be actively seeking to build your team of affiliates, your ECA and TC Customer Referrals. Do not rely completely on doing this online. Try some offline marketing.

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Before you begin with your offline prospecting ensure that you have your business tools with you. The following items are available to all of us through SFI and Tripleclicks. Having them on hand will ensure that your prospecting is easier and more professional than having nothing to show potential affiliates, ECAs and Tripleclicks customers.

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Every new customer that you refer to Tripleclicks (TC) could mean income for you. When a customer you refer to TC buys anything, including Tcredits for Pricebender Auctions, you earn a percentage of that sale. If you are ranked at Bronze Team Leader (BTL) or above you will also be sharing in the TC Executive Shares. The more turnover in TC the bigger the value of the shares.
It is in your own interests to promote TC at every opportunity.

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Where do you find businesses around you that would be interested in joining Tripleclicks as an Ecommerce Assosciate? This is a question you may have asked yourself and you may have found some very good answers. Finding them and doing something about it ar two different actions.

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Prospecting offline need not take a lot of your time and can be done during your normal activities; when you go shopping, going out with the family or taking a walk in the park. Knowing that not everyone of us is comfortable with directly approaching strangers you can also just leave cards or brochures in prominent places where they will be found by those most likely to want to join you at SFI.

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