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Prospecting offline need not take a lot of your time and can be done during your normal activities; when you go shopping, going out with the family or taking a walk in the park. Knowing that not everyone of us is comfortable with directly approaching strangers you can also just leave cards or brochures in prominent places where they will be found by those most likely to want to join you at SFI.


If you are approaching someone directly about your business it must be done carefully and 'genuinely'. If you just jump in there and start trying to 'SELL' the business to them they are likely to see you as pushy and overbearing. If your ONLY interest in the person is to sponsor them for your own gain you will hit a wall of resistance. Take some time to talk to the person as a person. Have a conversation and ask them questions about themselves. Resist talking about yourself unless they ask about you. Don't be fake about your interest in the other person. You never know, they may well turn out to be a life-long friend.

The time is right to introduce them to the business when they ask about your life and what you do for a living. If you have a nine-to-five job tell them about it. They will appreciate that you are probably like them doing a 'normal' job. Then let them know that in your spare time you are building an online business that allows you earn an online income and also allows you to help others do the same. Leave it at that. Don't push it any further. Curiosity now takes up it's role.

If you have managed to spike the person's interest THEY will ask for more information and it now time for you to interview them. If the time is not right and you do not have their full attention make time for a meeting with them.

I have addressed the next step in the article on 'Interviewing A Prospect'

If they do not ask for more information be sure to leave your card and swap contact details with them. They don't trust you yet and it often takes more than one meeting with a person before they will fully accept you into their confidence. It may not be quite the right time for them and by trying to push the business any further you may push them away. In any case if you have their contact details you can follow up with them in the NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE. It is important that you do not leave it too long. As they say 'Strike While The Iron Is Hot'.

When you follow up simply remind them about your online business and ask if they are interested in joining you. If the answer is yes make a time for a meeting and prepare yourself. If the answer is no, thank them and tell them that you enjoyed talking with them and hope to meet up with them again in the future.


This is a simple method for those that are not comfortable approaching people directly. Purchase some X-Cards or SFI Promo Postcards (these can be claimed as a business expense) from Tripleclicks and leave them in places where they will be found by those that are likely to want to earn extra. People working night shifts or part-time jobs will often be looking for extra income that they can earn from home. Commuters travelling to work are good prospects for your team. Use your imagination and put yourself in other people's shoes. You will soon find that there are thousands of people around you who want more from their lives and the efforts they put in.


As Always
Michael Burgess
SFI Team Leader
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