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Where do you find businesses around you that would be interested in joining Tripleclicks as an Ecommerce Assosciate? This is a question you may have asked yourself and you may have found some very good answers. Finding them and doing something about it ar two different actions.

To find them you need to be out there looking and some of the best places to look are:

  • Local markets and car boot sales
  • Industrial and manufacturing areas
  • Shopping complexes and high streets
  • Business network meetings (especially early morning breakfast meetings because the attendees are highly motivated)

Most businesses are looking to increase their profits but not all of them will join Tripleclicks. They will have their own reasons for not joiing and this will be addressed below.

When you approach any business owner (and that is the person you should be trying to make contact with) do so in a professional manner. Know what you are going to say before you get there. If it is a large business try and have an appointment if possible.

If the person you are talking to is busy with customers do not become a problem for them. Ask: When is a better time to talk about helping you increase your sales?

Set up a meeting when and where you have their full attention.

When you do have their full attention, the first thing you need to find out is if they currently sell online or if they want to sell online.

  • How are your online sales coming along?
    If they are not selling online they are going to tell you. If they are they are most likely going to tell you that sales are OK but could be better.

  • How would you feel about starting/improving your online sales with no upfront costs?
    You will have their attention now because you have offered them a financial incentive but are not yet telling them everything.

  • Would it be OK if I was to show you how you can do this? If you are interested we could get you started today or when it is convenient for you. It will not take too long, about 30 minutes to an hour. I don't want to waste your time and if you are not interested we can stop at any time you choose.
    You have given them the option to listen to you, they know there is a time limit and they can escape at any time they choose. This freedom that you have given them leaves them in control which is more attractive than being controlled. The question was a closed question so the answer is most likely to be Yes or No. If they give you a different answer it will be because they are not ready yet, or they are not really interested.

If the answer is yes you have a hot prospect and you should now explain the features and benefits of Tripleclicks. If possible have internet access and have them sign up. They are going to need their business information such as business registration/identification for approval. If they do not have these at hand they can submit after joining. Getting them started is the important thing at this point. You can help them after they have their account set up.

Keep in mind that every sale they make benefits you. The time you take with them now is going to pay you in the future. If you sign them up and then leave them to manage by themselves you may find that they do not do anything after you leave.

Ask if you can drop by in a week and see how they are proceeding.

  • How would it suit you if I was to drop by in a week and see how things are proceeding?
    If they give you permission to come back set an appointment and ensure that you attend the meeting.

When you feel that you have completed this part of the business with them leave you contact details, thank them and assure them that they have your full support.

When they have products added to their Tripleclicks store you can help promote their products. See the article on promoting ECAs


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