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All of the tools and training are provided for you to increase your SFI income through sponsoring and introducing. What you may be lacking is 'A Plan'. When you have a plan you are more likely to take action. Especially if you commit yourself to it financially.

It is understood that not everyone has the funds to commit financially when they first start out with their SFI business. If this is the case your should find as many ways as possible to promote without needing funds. This can be advertising on free classified sites,ad exchanges and directories that do not charge you. You will in time, generate enough income to reinvest in your business to further grow your commissions.

For those that have the funds to invest, you have a head-start. This does not mean that you will grow your commissions substantially by 'buying affiliates' and purchasing from Tripleclicks. You also need to be actively seeking to build your team of affiliates, your ECA and TC Customer Referrals. Do not rely completely on doing this online. Try some offline marketing.

Offline Marketing Can Be More Rewarding

Prospecting for PSAs, ECAs and PRMs offline can be very rewarding and you may find that those that do join you are more active than the affiliates you are purchasing online.

The reasons offline marketing can be more effective:

  • Your prospect is seeing a REAL person who is actively involved with the business
  • Your belief in the business is transferred through your body language and attitude
  • You are investing your own time to promote the business and your prospect sees this as positive
  • You are not an just advertisement on a website that they are seeing everyday
  • Your prospect may have already seen SFI online but you are bringing it to life
  • You can offer them information that they may not have realised by reading online
  • You can leave physical items such a x-cards or brochures if you are not directly in contact with the person

Plan To Prosper

You need to have a plan and that plan should work in with your available time and funds to purchase the required tools (see Be Prepared - Offline Marketing Tools). Most of the tools are inexpensive and can be claimed as a business expense (check with your accountant - I am not legally permitted to give you financial advice).

This is a basic plan that I use each month that fits in with my available time and budget.

  1. Plan to give out a certain number of SFI X-Cards and talk to people about the SFI affiliate program - 50
  2. Plan to introduce a certain number of businesses to Tripleclicks each month - 20
  3. Plan to introduce a certain number of new Tripleclicks customers each month - 50

Do not set your numbers too high in your plan. Start low and increase the number as you feel you are able, with the amount of time you have available and your budget. It is better to reach most of your goals and increase than to not reach any and have to decrease.

If you do make your plan solid and do your very best to stick to it there is no reason why you should not see your commissions growing each month.

And REMEMBER - Always be honest, helpful and polite when approaching others about your business. You should treat them like they are YOUR customers.

As Always
Michael Burgess
SFI Team Leader
SFI Since 2006

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