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One of the main obstacles to selling products online is to have customers visiting your website and buying your products. As an E-Commerce Associate on Tripleclicks this problem is solved for you. This is accomplished in several ways.

As an ECA you have online marketers already waiting to promote your products. You NEED to connect with them. If you are an SFI Affiliate and an ECA (you should be both to gain maximum benefits) there are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. If you are only able to ship to certain countries go to the Country Leadership page and request an A2A friendship with the top 20 leaders. This will connect you through A2A which also connects you through the 'Stream'. You can then post product updates and specials which will then be seen on your connection's stream gaining your Tripleclicks store exposure and possible sales.
    You may also consider connecting with the leading SFI affiliates in different areas of achievement. These are the dedicated SFI workers who understand the benefits of promoting SFI and Tripleclicks. Here is a link to all of the SFI Leader Boards
  2.  Be sure to connect with other ECAs on Tripleclicks. They are trying to establsih a business just like you and a business synergy could be created between businesses where you can be supplying each other with products through Tripleclicks.
  3. If you are also an SFI affiliate you should let your downline know that you have new products available as you add them. This can also be done through the Stream, Team Mail or direct contact.
  4. Tell your SFI sponsor about new products. Your sponsor will also benefit from any sales that your TC business achieves so it within their interests to promote and support your products.
  5. Tell people who have not yet joined Tripleclicks or SFI that they can earn a commission by promoting your products. You might have a big following on one of the social network sites. Just a few of these people promoting your products could make a big difference to the success of your business. TIP* When you are telling other people about your Tripleclicks store it is a good idea to be linking them through your own SFI marketing links.
  6. Ensure you are selling QUALITY products at REASONABLE prices. If you are selling low quality products or your prices are too high you will find that your business will cost you rather than earn for you.

Good luck with your promotions and sales. Tripleclicks truly is one of the best places to be selling your products.

To Your Success
Michael Burgess
SFI Team Leader
SFI Since 2006

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