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Sometimes a question will come up from an SFI affiliate about earning an SFI income that seems very basic and I wonder why they have asked it. After a discussion with the affiliate I realise that they have completely missed the point of Tripleclicks (TC) and the major part it plays in generating an income for them. Why would this happen?

Tripleclicks Is VERY Popular

As announced recently Tripleclicks (TC), according to Alexa is now in the TOP 2000 most visited sites on the Internet. That is globally! 

These statistics do not go unnoticed by the Internet world and more people pay attention than you may realise, but what does it mean for the SFI affiliate?

ALL SFI affiliates are now in a position to earn an income from one of the world's most popular websites. Any affiliate can create a residual income through the promotion of Tripleclicks.

So How Does Tripleclicks Earn Commissions For Affiliates?

Tripleclicks profits are shared with SFI affiliates in different ways:

  • You refer new customers to Tripleclicks through one of your personal gateway links and receive a commission from every one of their purchases for the lifetime of that customer.
  • Almost every purchase at Tripleclicks by one of your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) or Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs) earns you commissions. Purchases of promotional items such as Gift Cards will not earn you a commission. This is OK because those items help your PSAs and CSAs to build their business which helps you to grow your business and your income.
  • When you refer businesses (ECAs) to Tripleclicks you earn Versapoints and commissions for every one of their sales for the lifetime of their Tripleclicks business. Read that again - EVERY ONE OF THEIR SALES FOR THE LIFETIME OF THEIR SFI BUSINESS! That is know as RESIDUAL INCOME and is the BEST KIND OF INCOME YOU CAN EARN!
  • As an Executive Affiliate (EA) you receive a share of the Tripleclicks Executive Pool. As a Bronze Team Leader (BTL) or above you get Matching Versapoints commissions.
  • You can sell your own products and/or services on Tripleclicks and earn profits and Versapoints.

You will find all of the methods to refer TC customers, ECAs and Affiliates under the 'Marketing' link in the SFI Affiliate Centre.

Why Would An SFI Affiliate Not Know This?

The reason an SFI affiliate would not know this could be for several reasons.

  • They have not read and understood how the SFI business operates while completing the Launchpad lessons
  • They have difficulty with the language used to explain the SFI system
  • They have little or no knowledge of business or generating an income

There could be other reasons. If I have missed any please comment below and I will address them. Whatever the reason, anyone who is willing to put the TIME and EFFORT into learning and building their SFI business WILL PROFIT! 

If you want your SFI business to be profitable but are not sure how this business works go back to the beginning and READ and UNDERSTAND where your income is coming from.

Where To Find Out

The SFI Basics and The Launchpad cover all of this information. You should also READ AND UNDERSTAND the SFI Compensation Plan

Your success is in YOUR HANDS. You can make a very good income WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND your business.

As Always
Michael Burgess
SFI Team Leader
SFI Since 2006

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