Articles about success, successful thinking and taking action to achieve successful conclusions.

It is not enough to know how to become successful. You must take action upon the things that you learn, abolish procrastination and negative thought, associate with like-minded positve people and be kind to yourself. It takes time to re-program your mind and thus your daily thoughts and actions.

These article are provided for anyone interested in achieving success but particularly my friends and team members at SFI.

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For many people new to online business the excitement of recruiting new team members may turn to disappointment. If you experience the discouraging affects of new team members not taking any action take heart, you are not alone.

You are not the only person to experience the disappointment of finding hundreds, even thousands of people who want to create a second income or become wealthy through the Internet, only to find that the majority never take action or give up before they have an understanding of the business opportunity. The important thing to remember is that you are still taking action and you will not give up because others do not get started.

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These are questions I am often asked.

Q. Can YOU motivate people?
A. When I am asked this question my answer will always be the same. No. I cannot motivate people.

Q. How can I be a leader in a business if I cannot motivate people?
A. Being a leader is not about motivating people. It is about leading people to their OWN motivations.

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It really is your choice. You can choose your own future. You can choose to improve your lifestyle. You can choose to let others choose what they think is best for you. Many of you have already made the choice to let other choose for you. Where are you now? Are you better off than if you made your own choices? You may be more comfortable but are you getting anywhere?

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Getting to where you want to be can take quite some time if you have not had any training. There are ways to speed up your progress without investing in expensive success courses and mentor programs. The path to success has already been walked many times by people before you and they are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Reading books that focus your mind on your goals and show you how to achieve your aims is the best way to learn. If you don't have time to read books you also have the option of 'Audible' books, CDs or MP3s. These are very handy when you are traveling. Instead of torturing yourself listening to the constant negative information provided by radio news or the person complaining behind you on the train, plug yourself into something positive. Something that will help you improve your life and help you achieve your positive outcome.

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